Dyslexic Karma

Dyslexic Karma

Across The Universe

“Across the Universe” has always been one of my favorite Beatles tunes.  Written by John Lennon in 1967, it has a wonderful, dreamy, chord progression. No voice here, just guitar.

“This Land Is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie

Rebel Rouser and Sleep walk

One of my favorite tunes by Duane Eddy called “Rebel Rouser” written by Eddy and Hazlewood, and recorded in 1958.  Sleep Walk is a great instrumantal by Santo and Johnny and recorded in 1959.  Written by Ann, Santo and Johnny Farina.

“Fields of Gold”, written by Sting in 1993. A beautiful tune from his album “Ten Summer’s Tales.” This tune was so popular that it was covered by dozens of other artists.